Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She's Here!!!!

She's finally here!!!!
Our little girl, Ashley Anne, was born Thursday Dec. 10th at 8:07 am, she was 7lbs 4oz, & 19" long. She is a beautiful healthy girl with lots of dark hair!
We've had a roller coaster of a week this past week. Last Tuesday I went in for my 39th week check and everything was fine. Wed. I woke up with a muscle cramp type of pain over my pubic bone and it got worse through out the day. So we went to the Dr. and he sent us over to labor and delivery to be monitored. They gave me percocet and morphine for the pain and that helped a little bit. After about 2 hours they sent me home and because they couldn't keep me there since I wasn't really having labor contractions. My brother came over to watch Scotty while we were there and ended up staying the night with us just in case we did go back. We ended up going back in at 2am because the pain was so bad. Bad as in I could barely walk and Eric and my brother practically had to carry me to the car. So they monitored me again, and finally at about 5am started an I.V. because I was dehydrated, and about 6am gave me demerol for the pain and that finally started to help and I wasn't hurting as bad. About 6:15 my dr came in and said he was worried about the pain being caused from pressure from the baby and, slipped disc in my back, the pubic muscles being torn, or from the pattern of my contractions that my placenta was detaching. So he said we can either induce or do a C-section. We decided on the c-section because we didn't know how well I would be able to push, and it would be more pain for the rest of the day. The c-section went well. My anesthesiologist (?) was the dad of a friend of ours so that was kind of nice. I was doing ok and Ashley was doing fine after it. We decided I would be ok staying alone through the night. Eric brought Scotty in to see Ashley that night and he was so excited to see his baby sister! That night about 1am I woke up to the most pain I have ever been in in my entire life. On a scale of 1-10, I was at like a 15. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get the pain to bare able. We have decided that morphine doesn't really help with my pain either.
That was Thursday, on Friday I had to have an MRI to see if that would show what was wrong. It didn't show anything really by the way. That was not very fun at all and took longer than we wanted because I started to panic and couldn't hold still and with the pain and all I wasn't comfortable either. But no pain in the middle of the night! I had my mom stay the night with me too.
Saturday: We are planning on going home. I'm still not walking very well, but can with a walker or help from someone. I start getting a head ache and they tell me to lay as flat on my back as I can because it could be from the spinal for the c-section. It helps but I have to sit up to nurse Ashley, to go to the bathroom all that. And it gets worse every time I have to sit up. Then I started to throw up. Not fun after a c-section let me just tell you! Finally they give me a shot of phenergren to stop me the nausea. So after all that, we figured it was a combination of coming off the pain meds, the spinal, takeing an antibiotic, and a migraine. Oh and Ashley was on a "nursing strike" So we decided to stay another night. Again no pain in the middle of the night. And I had my mom stay again.
Sunday: We are definetly going today! I was able to walk better and by myself most of the time with an old man 4 legged cane! Yeah I look like one of those little old men walking with it, taking the little tiny steps and everything! My pain is under control, and Ashley is perfect. She lost some weight but that's normal, and her bilirubin level was low, (with Scotty his was really high and he had to be under the bili lights for like 5 days) she was nursing again, yeay! So we got home and have been doing well.
I'm walking better and don't need my old man cane, I'm only taking Ibuprofen for the inflammation and pain, my hands are way better! Ashley is gaining some weight back, and nursing well. Starting Friday Eric will have 17days off straight, because he gets paternity leave! We are glad to be home and getting better. And now after my novel of a story here are some pics!

Scotty and Ashley finally home

The first time Scotty got to see Ashley

Ashley and me, I know I look horrible but oh well

Look at all her hair!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just an update

It's been a while since I posted anything, so I figured I'd do a little up date.

But first, I want to say thank you to all the Veteran's. Not just to the ones I know, but to all Veteran's. They aren't appreciated enough. And I wish they were. They deserve our support everyday, for what they do. Whether they have been in combat or are just getting into the service, they are choosing to make a sacrifice to their families, for their country, and for the people where ever they go. As the wife, sister, daughter, and grand-daughter of Veteran's I know what it's like on the family side of the sacrifice. I know what my husband has gone through being deployed and gone for a year. I may not take him with the grain of salt that I should because I'm so bull-headed, but I try to support him in everything. I love Eric very much and am proud of him and all he does.
We still are at Eric's parent, waiting for our loan to go through, or not. The bank keep pushing us back and pushing us back, and we are so sick of it. We are about to give up on it, but we absolutely love the house we found, and it actually has a back yard! Not like what we had in EM. It's on 1/2 acre, and there's room for us to park the trailer.
I have 5 weeks til my due date which is Dec. 16th. Eric's mom doesn't think I'll make it that far! As long as I make it through my sister's wedding on Nov. 21st I'm fine with when ever this little girl comes. We still don't have a name for her though! Naming Scotty was so easy, Scott is after my uncle and Eric is after Eric. I wanted this girl to be named after me, so I always thought Malia (Mary in Hawaiian) but it just doesn't fit her. So we are still trying to find a name that we both like and that fits her. It's not easy.
Scotty got a cold over the weekend and some how it turned into pneumonia. The dr. said it's type A which is a bacterial infection, and can be treated with antibiotics, the only problem with that is Scotty doesn't take medicine. So we are on day 3 of 5 trying to sneak it into his milk, and he's maybe gotten 1/2 tsp of the 1 1/2 tsp he's supposed to have taken. The first day he took 1 sip of his milk and wouldn't touch it, day 2 I got him to drink all of it then he started to couch, gagged himself and threw it all up. On the up side, he's acting more normal, and acts like he feels better. He just has this really nasty sounding cough now.
Eric didn't get a deer this year. He was holding out for the big one. He found it though. He was alone, had just hiked up a huge hill at his Uncle Norm's and was out of breath when he kind of stumbled across it. It was a cactus buck. The only non-typical deer he's ever seen in real like. I can't remember how far away it was from him but close enough for him to shoot. Eric just couldn't hold the gun steady enough after his hike. So Eric is going to be scouting Uncle Norm's for the next year so he can find this deer next season. Eric helped my 2 nephews find some really nice 3 points though. Scotty loved to see the deer. He had a great time at Grandma & Grandpa Irons' when they hung up Shaun's deer. It totally grosses me out so I stayed in the house most of the time, so I didn't have to see him touching it. The only mistake I made was when they were taking the head off, and I heard the neck cracking. Ugh very gross for me. You'd think growing up with my parents butchering their own deer, sheep, rabbits, chicken, turkeys, all that it wouldn't bother me, oh but it does, very much so! Uncle Kelly, and my niece Tasha's husband also go deer this year too.
And after this long post I think that's all.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Zoo, and Vi

We took a quick trip up north on Thursday to go up to Hill AFB, go to the zoo, and we wanted to go visit some friends but we didn't make it to see them. The zoo was really the highlight of the trip. Scotty had seen the baby elephant on tv and we told him we'd go see it sometime. Then I found out that the lady who was the YW president when I was secretary in Eagle Mountain was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and given around 6 months to live. I told Eric I wanted to go see her as soon as we could, because I shouldn't be traveling too far away pretty soon. So Eric was able to get an appointment with the people he needed to see at Hill on Thursday afternoon, and Thursday am we headed up. We made it up to Hill just fine and got that taken care of, visited with my step-mom, and got to see her puppies, which Scotty loved! By the time we got done with that we decided to head back to our hotel and get dinner since it was about 8pm. On Friday we decided to go to the zoo first then go see Vi after the zoo. We had a blast at the zoo! The baby elephant was so funny! We got to see 2 of the baby tigers too, which was pretty cool! After the zoo on our way down to EM, we called Vi to let her know we were coming over and she had just gotten to the hospital for a dr. appointment and didn't know when she'd be home. So I guess I should have planned that a little better. But Scotty had fallen asleep before we'd even gotten to the freeway from the zoo, so we decided to just head home.
So a little more on Vi. She is 84 years old, and until recently she has been a real go-getter! She was a nanny for a family of 5 or 6 kids, (I can't remember exactly) was young women's president of our ward, made pies to take to who moved in, she was pretty much non-stop. I've known her for probably 1 1/2 years, since she moved up the street from me. Shortly after she moved in my friend Britany were called to be her visiting teachers. She probably taught us more that we taught her! She was a wonderful example to me while I was up north, and has helped strengthen my testimony in Jesus Christ, and the LDS church. Last week she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and has decided not to do any treatment. The last I've heard is it is spreading quickly, but she's ready for it, and is at peace. I'm grateful for the young women visiting her, and everyone else in the ward for supporting her. This is kind of hard for me to take since my grandma Snowball, & my mom's best friend, Maxine, who was like a second mom to me, both passed away from cancer. I can understand Vi not wanting to do treatment, I just don't deal with death and change very well.
I know this is a really long post, but wanted to let you know about our trip to the zoo and Vi. Please pray for her to be comfortable as possible. Thanks.

Scotty & the big horned sheep. He thought it was cooler than the tigers!

Scotty on the Tiger statue

Mama tiger & 2 of the 3 babies. You can't tell from the pic but the 1 baby is asleep nursing on the mama, I thought it was cute!

The gorilla. I won't even go into what he did while Eric and Scotty were watching him, I'm just glad I was moving the stroller out of the way when he did it or I'd have thrown up! If you really want to know you'll have to ask Eric, just ask him when I'm not in listening distance! It's that gross!

I think this is called baby giraffe yoga!

Eric, Scotty & the rhino

Baby elephant copying mommy elephant

Mom elephant rolling in the mud!

Baby elephant

Saturday, August 29, 2009

What we've been up to

I finally got Eric to show me how to put pics from the camera on to the laptop since that's all we have right now. Here are some pics of what we've been doing the last month. The first 9 pics are camping up Cedar Mountain. We borrowed my mom's rhino and Scotty loved it. Eric took him for rides and shot at "wok chops" (rock chucks). Uncle Kelly shot one and it pretty much blew up. So Kelly, Scotty, Eric, Clint, & Sh'kell all went up to look at it and Scotty came back to camp and told me "Unco Kel shot a wok chop & it goes (blow up/blasting noises), and it eew sneeky." (stinky) and waves his hand in front of his face!

All ready to go for a ride with his "hemmet"

Scotty says this is his seat

The first ride in the Rhino, and he fell asleep just before we got back to camp!

Scotty with his chocolate milk and big gun to shoot the rock chucks

Eric & Me

This was a stop on the long ride we took, Scotty was having fun on the ride but at the stop he wanted to climb up on the fence & it's like a cliff on the other side so he was a little mad we wouldn't let him get up on it.

Clint & Bug found a horney toad & Scotty thought it was pretty cool

He wasn't afraid of it at all

Scotty, Clint, & the horney toad

Scotty found these safety glasses in the truck & wore them everytime we went some where for a good couple days. He'd tell us "I need my glasses to see."

Just being a wierdo!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scotty's latest

Scotty has had a hard time adjusting to not having his house. But he still hasn't stopped being Scotty and still says goofy things. Here's a couple of his latest:

"Papa will you put my cowboy boots on? Mom can't do it."

"I fell down the big hole and got an owey at the new house."

(He woke up and told me this one! We are looking at buying a house that is being built and it's almost done framing and the steps to go down stairs is just a big open hole in the floor. We keep telling Scotty not to go by it because he could fall down it and get big oweys!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's a girl!!!!

We went in for our ultra sound last Tuesday, and we are having a girl!! It will be the first grand daughter for my parents, and the 6th for Eric's parents. We are pretty excited. We will have one of each and will be done having kids! Scotty doesn't quite understand that the baby will be a girl, but he's understanding that there's a baby in mom's tummy.

On another note, we are pretty much out of our house, and moved to Cedar. There is only a couple things left in the house, and Eric needs to fix the sprinkler system and we will be done. So we have hopefully one more trip up and back to Cedar. We'll miss our great neighborhood, and ward. So if we don't see any of you when we come back up, we love you and will miss you, and thanks for friendships and all the help!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm finally getting Scotty's 3 year old pics up! Better late than never!!!! The sepia pics are some I had done when another ward in our stake was dong a fund raiser for their young women to go to camp. It was $10 for the sitting fee and a 10X13, then you had to buy the others you wanted. He was such a good boy during the shoot! He loved the airplane, I think he thought it was his because we have one exactly like it!! The other pics are ones we had done at Wal-mart with Scotty and Chris together. I just put some of the ones with Scotty only in them.

This one is my absolute favorite picture!

Man, he is one good looking boy!!! I'm going to have to chase the girls away from him!!!

My favorite smile of his!!

He thought it was cool he got to hold the "bat ball" and "bay ball"
AAHH, just too cute!!

A few pics for his "Cowboy" Papa's! (That'd be Papa Duck & Papa Bob!)

Thanks for letting him borrow the hat, Chris!

My favorite smile again!

He's being goofy in these last 2 pics!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another big life changing event

So I know it's been a while since we posted anything, but this probably won't very long.
We are moving back to Cedar City!!! We are very excited about it. It will be great for us to be so close to most of our family, we will be able to go camping in our trailer so much more, Scotty will get to have a better/closer relationship with 2 sets of grandparents and a set of great-grandparents. But on the other hand, we are sad to be moving away from my Dad and step-mom, who Scotty loves so much (and we love them too of course!), and my sister Sarah & her son Chris, Scotty & Chris have lived together since Chris was born so that will be hard for Scotty to not have him around all the time, we will be leaving our first home, and an amazing neighborhood and ward, Eric is sad to leave all the golf courses up here and Uinta Golf! We are planning to be out of our house by July 1st, and have it on the market by then. We've been busy trying to go through stuff and packing. Our neice Sh'Kell has been staying with us to help me with packing and tending, and she's been great! We love having her stay with us!
We'll be staying with Eric's parent's, until our house sells and we can buy a house in Cedar. It won't be a lot of fun staying with them, but I'm sure it will work out! Not that we don't love them, but it's going to be a big change!!! We'll still be coming back up every now and then though!
I'm about 13 weeks pregnant now, and mostly everything is going well. I've been pretty nauseous most of the day so that hasn't been fun. I've also gotten 2 migraine so far, a month apart and my Dr. has given me some stuff to take when I get them which helps, but it's still not fun at all to deal with. When we first told Scotty there was a baby in mom's tummy he looked at me funny for a second and said "Get it out!" We told him that we couldn't get it out until the baby is big and mom has a big tummy because the baby is tiny right now. We keep asking him if he's going to be a big brother and he says "No, I'm a big boy." He's not sure though if he wants a sister or brother, he tells us different every time we ask him.
And that's about all I can think of right now!

Friday, April 24, 2009

A quick update

So this is going to be a quick up date. We found out this week that I am pregnant! Yeay!! We didn't need fertility drugs this time either! And so it kind of surprised us! I am due in December, but don't really know a due date yet. I'm thinking around the 2nd week or so, but we'll see.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nascar & a Birthday

So over the last weekend in Feb. we went to the Nascar races in Vegas. As always, it was great to get away! We took Scotty for a little bit on Friday to time trials. Then we got to go to the race on Sunday. We gave our Sat. tickets to my sister so she would watch Scotty on Sunday! All of the Irons' family goes and we all take our trailers down. It's a lot of fun.

Kyle Bush won!!! He had to get a push start from a tow truck after his burn out! Those crappy toyota's!!! Just kidding!
Somewhere in all that smoke is Kyle in his #18. It was a sweet burnout!!!

Scotty on Friday

This was Scotty's lounging spot in our trailer. Notice his movie player on the top step!

Scotty turned 3 on the 4th. We just had cake and ice cream at the house for whoever wanted to come. He was pretty excited about his tractor cake!

He's going to have his cake and eat it too! This was right after he blew out the candles!

My Dad & step-mom Pat, my nephew Georgie, Eric & Scotty, and my bro Rol & nephew Chris

Later, after everyone had left, he decided he wanted his own piece of cake.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Church Calling

We are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we love Him. We will “stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places” (Mosiah 18:9) as we strive to live the Young Women values, which are: Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity, and Virtue. We believe as we come to accept and act upon these values, we will be prepared to strengthen home and family, make and keep sacred covenants, receive the ordinances of the temple, and enjoy the blessings of exaltation.

Ok, so if you're LDS then you recognize that as the Young Women's logo & Theme, at least I hope you do! I have been called to the Young Women's presidency in our ward, as secretary. I am so excited for this calling! I thought that being ward librarian with Eric was great, it was prefect for us. But Heavenly Father is pushing me out of that!! We'll see how long Eric lasts now!! We must have gotten too comfortable with it! Two of my best friends up here were in the last Presidency, and I know they will help me with anything if I need it, along with the other members of the new Presidency. One of the ladies I visit teach is the President, and she is 85 years old!! But she is perfect for this! Her counselors are two ladies I am so happy to work with too. One's husband is in the Guard, and the other has a little girl the same age as Scotty. So this is a big thing for me. I'm a little nervous, because having been converted to the Church about 5 years ago, I've never been to Young Women's, so I don't really know how everything goes and all that. But I know Heavenly Father puts us where we need to be and where He will use us to help ourselves and others, and am grateful for this!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our first night without Scotty

Ok, so for our Valentine's Day Eric and I decided we were going to go get a couples massage. So I thought that seeing as how Scotty's going to be 3 years old in 2 weeks maybe we could start getting him used to staying at my Dad & step-mom's every now and again. But I was a little leary about having him stay there, because my Dad is going through radiation and Scotty is, to put it mildly, a handful! So we talked to them about it and they said Sure no problem. My brother Rol was there with his son, Triston who is 5 months older than Scotty, so I think that helped a lot. We dropped him off at their house just before 2:00, when our massage was. After our massage we went around to a few store, just wasting time, and got a couple things for Scotty and went back over to drop them off. Then we left again, and came home and had dinner and a night to ourselves. We played guitar hero, Mario cart, played around online, with out interruption! Finally decided it was time to go to bed, and that's where it got hard! We usually read a little before we go to bed, and Scotty is usually there in bed with us wiggling around and pointing things out to us, but he wasn't there! So...that's when I started crying, I told Eric I missed him, and he said "Well, do you want to go get him then?" We didn't, and he was fine, and so were we! He had a good time playing at their house.

The boys helping Nona make Valentine's Day cakes for me, my sister Roni, aunt K.Kay, and Grandma D. Scotty is on the left, Triston on the right. (grandma in Italian, my step-mom is Italian and since my grandparents are still alive there are 2 grandma & grandpa Vogan's, so we call her Nona)

I love this pic of Scotty!!

Decorating the cake for me!

Sleeping with cousin Triston. He woke up in the middle of the night and wanted the horsey's. They are sleeping above his head!

The boy's watching movies and eating Cheetos waiting for us to come back.