Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two Tags

I got this from my friend Michele's blog & thought it was really cute, and fun!

"On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."

1 embarrassing moment: Saying the opening prayer in Church sacrament meeting, I hate being in front of people!

2 best friends: Eric, & Sarah

3 things you buy regularly: Milk, eggs, Gas,

4 places you want to go (and might actually REALLY go): To Cedar for Christmas, to town to finish Christmas shopping on the 15th, to see a movie, out to dinner

5 goals for the upcoming year (that you might actually do): Exercise consistently, talk Eric into 1 more kid, get Scotty potty trained, build up a savings, get on a budget

6 things most people don't know about you: I have a hard time getting pregnant, I don't make friends easily, I'm very dependant on Eric, I miss living in Cedar, I get mad way too easily, I love to bake, mostly cookies!

7 things you would never say: Sure Scotty, go a head and knock Chris down, I don't want a new car, No I don't want Eric to make dinner, I don't want to go see Twilight again!, I want my mom to move to Hawaii, I'm ungrateful for my blessings, I don't want any more kids

8 things you love about the Christmas season: Remembering Christ, The anticipation of Christmas morning I usually have to pester Eric out of bed!, Christmas lights, Christmas music, Shopping, Giving Christmas gifts to neighbors, Being in Cedar with family, How nice people are to each other.

9 things you say to your kids: I love you, Do you want chocolate milk, eat please, what movie do you want to watch, You can have your plug (the pacifier) if you sleep in your fire truck bed, You don't get your plug unless you're going night night, Quit it, Which is the horse (or any other animal, Scotty LOVES animals), do you want to go for a ride in mom's car

10 things you do a lot: Pray, Dishes, Fold laundry, Fix meals, Tell Eric & Scotty I love them, Try to be positive, pay bills, Try to be thankful, Change diapers, Take showers

11 things you would rather not live without: The Gospel, My Scriptures, Family, Running water, Friends, Cars, Indoor plumbing, a Conscience, The Holy Ghost, Sleep, Clothes

12 people to tag: Anyone who wants too. Come on, do know you want to!


1) Where did you meet? Through our friends Katie, & Jason.

2) How long till you got married? HAHAHA, would you believe 7 years!

3) How long have you been married? Just barely over 5 years.

4) Your favorite feature of his? I've always loved when he has a goatee! His sarcasm.

5) Your favorite quality of his? His sarcasm, His ability to look out side the box, he can make me smile when nothing else can.

6) Does he have a nickname for you? Babe, Hoss. He started calling me Hoss when we were dating and we heard Hoss was the #1 worst nickname for your girlfriend/wife.

7) His favorite food? Halibut that Red Lobster never has when we go, brownies, Macaroni & Tomato

8) What is his favorite sport to watch? Basketball

9) When was your first kiss? About a month after we started dating, he had to be sure he really liked me before he'd kiss me!

10) Whats your favorite thing to do as a couple? I can't type that here!!! We enjoy going to the Temple, we are always happier when we go. Getting to actually go out on a date.

11) Do you have kids? 1 little boy, Scotty. And hopefully 1 more, just 1, I think 2 is all we could handle! Can we count our 2 mini schnauzer's, Mya & Boo?

12) Does he have a hidden talent? He can find anything in common with someone. He can do just about everything, except cut hair I wouldn't trust him with that!

13) How old is he? 28, he'll turn 29 in April.

14) Who said I love you first? He did, though I thought it for a while before he said it first, I was too chicken! What do you expect we were 16!

15) What do you admire most about him? He sacrifices a lot for me & Scotty. He can learn to do anything in just a short time.

16) What is his favorite type of music? He'll listen to just about anything, but lately he's been enjoying piano music, it calming for him!

17) Do you think he will read this? If I show it to him!

18) I tag: Who ever wants to do it!