Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She's Here!!!!

She's finally here!!!!
Our little girl, Ashley Anne, was born Thursday Dec. 10th at 8:07 am, she was 7lbs 4oz, & 19" long. She is a beautiful healthy girl with lots of dark hair!
We've had a roller coaster of a week this past week. Last Tuesday I went in for my 39th week check and everything was fine. Wed. I woke up with a muscle cramp type of pain over my pubic bone and it got worse through out the day. So we went to the Dr. and he sent us over to labor and delivery to be monitored. They gave me percocet and morphine for the pain and that helped a little bit. After about 2 hours they sent me home and because they couldn't keep me there since I wasn't really having labor contractions. My brother came over to watch Scotty while we were there and ended up staying the night with us just in case we did go back. We ended up going back in at 2am because the pain was so bad. Bad as in I could barely walk and Eric and my brother practically had to carry me to the car. So they monitored me again, and finally at about 5am started an I.V. because I was dehydrated, and about 6am gave me demerol for the pain and that finally started to help and I wasn't hurting as bad. About 6:15 my dr came in and said he was worried about the pain being caused from pressure from the baby and, slipped disc in my back, the pubic muscles being torn, or from the pattern of my contractions that my placenta was detaching. So he said we can either induce or do a C-section. We decided on the c-section because we didn't know how well I would be able to push, and it would be more pain for the rest of the day. The c-section went well. My anesthesiologist (?) was the dad of a friend of ours so that was kind of nice. I was doing ok and Ashley was doing fine after it. We decided I would be ok staying alone through the night. Eric brought Scotty in to see Ashley that night and he was so excited to see his baby sister! That night about 1am I woke up to the most pain I have ever been in in my entire life. On a scale of 1-10, I was at like a 15. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get the pain to bare able. We have decided that morphine doesn't really help with my pain either.
That was Thursday, on Friday I had to have an MRI to see if that would show what was wrong. It didn't show anything really by the way. That was not very fun at all and took longer than we wanted because I started to panic and couldn't hold still and with the pain and all I wasn't comfortable either. But no pain in the middle of the night! I had my mom stay the night with me too.
Saturday: We are planning on going home. I'm still not walking very well, but can with a walker or help from someone. I start getting a head ache and they tell me to lay as flat on my back as I can because it could be from the spinal for the c-section. It helps but I have to sit up to nurse Ashley, to go to the bathroom all that. And it gets worse every time I have to sit up. Then I started to throw up. Not fun after a c-section let me just tell you! Finally they give me a shot of phenergren to stop me the nausea. So after all that, we figured it was a combination of coming off the pain meds, the spinal, takeing an antibiotic, and a migraine. Oh and Ashley was on a "nursing strike" So we decided to stay another night. Again no pain in the middle of the night. And I had my mom stay again.
Sunday: We are definetly going today! I was able to walk better and by myself most of the time with an old man 4 legged cane! Yeah I look like one of those little old men walking with it, taking the little tiny steps and everything! My pain is under control, and Ashley is perfect. She lost some weight but that's normal, and her bilirubin level was low, (with Scotty his was really high and he had to be under the bili lights for like 5 days) she was nursing again, yeay! So we got home and have been doing well.
I'm walking better and don't need my old man cane, I'm only taking Ibuprofen for the inflammation and pain, my hands are way better! Ashley is gaining some weight back, and nursing well. Starting Friday Eric will have 17days off straight, because he gets paternity leave! We are glad to be home and getting better. And now after my novel of a story here are some pics!

Scotty and Ashley finally home

The first time Scotty got to see Ashley

Ashley and me, I know I look horrible but oh well

Look at all her hair!!!