Saturday, August 29, 2009

What we've been up to

I finally got Eric to show me how to put pics from the camera on to the laptop since that's all we have right now. Here are some pics of what we've been doing the last month. The first 9 pics are camping up Cedar Mountain. We borrowed my mom's rhino and Scotty loved it. Eric took him for rides and shot at "wok chops" (rock chucks). Uncle Kelly shot one and it pretty much blew up. So Kelly, Scotty, Eric, Clint, & Sh'kell all went up to look at it and Scotty came back to camp and told me "Unco Kel shot a wok chop & it goes (blow up/blasting noises), and it eew sneeky." (stinky) and waves his hand in front of his face!

All ready to go for a ride with his "hemmet"

Scotty says this is his seat

The first ride in the Rhino, and he fell asleep just before we got back to camp!

Scotty with his chocolate milk and big gun to shoot the rock chucks

Eric & Me

This was a stop on the long ride we took, Scotty was having fun on the ride but at the stop he wanted to climb up on the fence & it's like a cliff on the other side so he was a little mad we wouldn't let him get up on it.

Clint & Bug found a horney toad & Scotty thought it was pretty cool

He wasn't afraid of it at all

Scotty, Clint, & the horney toad

Scotty found these safety glasses in the truck & wore them everytime we went some where for a good couple days. He'd tell us "I need my glasses to see."

Just being a wierdo!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scotty's latest

Scotty has had a hard time adjusting to not having his house. But he still hasn't stopped being Scotty and still says goofy things. Here's a couple of his latest:

"Papa will you put my cowboy boots on? Mom can't do it."

"I fell down the big hole and got an owey at the new house."

(He woke up and told me this one! We are looking at buying a house that is being built and it's almost done framing and the steps to go down stairs is just a big open hole in the floor. We keep telling Scotty not to go by it because he could fall down it and get big oweys!)