Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nascar & a Birthday

So over the last weekend in Feb. we went to the Nascar races in Vegas. As always, it was great to get away! We took Scotty for a little bit on Friday to time trials. Then we got to go to the race on Sunday. We gave our Sat. tickets to my sister so she would watch Scotty on Sunday! All of the Irons' family goes and we all take our trailers down. It's a lot of fun.

Kyle Bush won!!! He had to get a push start from a tow truck after his burn out! Those crappy toyota's!!! Just kidding!
Somewhere in all that smoke is Kyle in his #18. It was a sweet burnout!!!

Scotty on Friday

This was Scotty's lounging spot in our trailer. Notice his movie player on the top step!

Scotty turned 3 on the 4th. We just had cake and ice cream at the house for whoever wanted to come. He was pretty excited about his tractor cake!

He's going to have his cake and eat it too! This was right after he blew out the candles!

My Dad & step-mom Pat, my nephew Georgie, Eric & Scotty, and my bro Rol & nephew Chris

Later, after everyone had left, he decided he wanted his own piece of cake.