Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm finally getting Scotty's 3 year old pics up! Better late than never!!!! The sepia pics are some I had done when another ward in our stake was dong a fund raiser for their young women to go to camp. It was $10 for the sitting fee and a 10X13, then you had to buy the others you wanted. He was such a good boy during the shoot! He loved the airplane, I think he thought it was his because we have one exactly like it!! The other pics are ones we had done at Wal-mart with Scotty and Chris together. I just put some of the ones with Scotty only in them.

This one is my absolute favorite picture!

Man, he is one good looking boy!!! I'm going to have to chase the girls away from him!!!

My favorite smile of his!!

He thought it was cool he got to hold the "bat ball" and "bay ball"
AAHH, just too cute!!

A few pics for his "Cowboy" Papa's! (That'd be Papa Duck & Papa Bob!)

Thanks for letting him borrow the hat, Chris!

My favorite smile again!

He's being goofy in these last 2 pics!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another big life changing event

So I know it's been a while since we posted anything, but this probably won't very long.
We are moving back to Cedar City!!! We are very excited about it. It will be great for us to be so close to most of our family, we will be able to go camping in our trailer so much more, Scotty will get to have a better/closer relationship with 2 sets of grandparents and a set of great-grandparents. But on the other hand, we are sad to be moving away from my Dad and step-mom, who Scotty loves so much (and we love them too of course!), and my sister Sarah & her son Chris, Scotty & Chris have lived together since Chris was born so that will be hard for Scotty to not have him around all the time, we will be leaving our first home, and an amazing neighborhood and ward, Eric is sad to leave all the golf courses up here and Uinta Golf! We are planning to be out of our house by July 1st, and have it on the market by then. We've been busy trying to go through stuff and packing. Our neice Sh'Kell has been staying with us to help me with packing and tending, and she's been great! We love having her stay with us!
We'll be staying with Eric's parent's, until our house sells and we can buy a house in Cedar. It won't be a lot of fun staying with them, but I'm sure it will work out! Not that we don't love them, but it's going to be a big change!!! We'll still be coming back up every now and then though!
I'm about 13 weeks pregnant now, and mostly everything is going well. I've been pretty nauseous most of the day so that hasn't been fun. I've also gotten 2 migraine so far, a month apart and my Dr. has given me some stuff to take when I get them which helps, but it's still not fun at all to deal with. When we first told Scotty there was a baby in mom's tummy he looked at me funny for a second and said "Get it out!" We told him that we couldn't get it out until the baby is big and mom has a big tummy because the baby is tiny right now. We keep asking him if he's going to be a big brother and he says "No, I'm a big boy." He's not sure though if he wants a sister or brother, he tells us different every time we ask him.
And that's about all I can think of right now!