Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Randomness

Well on Sunday at church I see Eric's sister-in-law, Richelle's, cousin Burke and his wife April. After church I see April again so I ask just to make sure they are who I think they are & they are Richelle's cousins. Fast forward to Monday morning, I go to the city office to pay our utility bill. The little library here is next to the city office, & it looks like a house. & April comes walking out and heads over to the office building. We say hi, she goes in does her stuff, I go in pay my bill, and come back out & I'm putting Scotty back in the car & he asks "why did that lady leave her house?" I said "she had to do something in the building we went to." Then he sees her walking back to the Library & says"Mom why is she going back to her house?"
I said "well I think that is where she works."
he says "O, she works at her house."
I said "No that's the library. Did you know she is Aunt Shell's cousin?"
Scotty :"She's Aunt Shell's cousin? She's my cousin too!" (Scotty LOVES his cousins)
Me: "Well she's Shell's cousin, & Shell is your aunt, so we're kind of related. She would be your.....Well I don't know what she is."
Scotty: "She's a girl, Mom."

I just had to laugh and say "yup you're right. she is a girl!"
I love that things are so simple for kids! That was early in the morning and it made my day!

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