Sunday, March 7, 2010

the last 2 1/2 months

Ok so it's been a while. I've been busy with Ashley and Scotty, and this takes a little more time to do than facebooking!
We had a good Christmas, Scotty got lots of Transformers. That's all he wanted.

January we were all settling into having our new addition. Ashley is such a mellow baby compared to Scotty! She is a great sleeper, and only wakes up 1 or 2 times a night. She's not as big of a snuggler as Scotty was, and would rather sleep in her own bed, than be held. We took Scotty sledding a couple of times and he loves it. He's quite brave. He doesn't need me or Eric to go with him. But we have to carry the sled back up the hill with him on it if we do ride with him!

Here's a few of Ashley.

February quieted down a little. Ashley is growing bigger everyday it seam, looking at pictures from when she was born til now. She looks a lot like Scotty did when he was a baby.

Scotty 4month old

Ashley 2 months old

March 4th was Scotty's birthday. We had a Spiderman party for him that night because Eric has drill this weekend. Our family and a couple close friends came over. Scotty had a lot of fun.

This is my best friend Mindi's husband Robert holding Ashley at the party, and Eric's friend Mike. Robert and Ashley share birthdays.

Scotty loves his baby sister. He loves to talk to her and sing to her. If he is sitting by her and she has her pacifier in he'll pull it out and say "Mom baby sister doesn't need her plug, she's not crying."
Ashley is all girl, she loves baths. The sound of the water being turned on in the tub doesn't scare her, she gets excited when she hears it. I think she'd sit in her tub all day if she could!

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Joleen said...

Ashley is beautiful!!!!! She is getting big and she does look a lot like Scotty.